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14120 Interdrive East
Houston, TX 77032
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The ROSEN Group
We deliver solutions, based on technology. Our primary aim is to add sustainability and value to our customer’s operations and contribute to their success. Ultimately, we focus on providing solutions that safeguard our customers’ investments. The ROSEN Group is privately owned this enables us to be as flexible as possible to suit nearly every customer need all over the world.

Our portfolio comprises many technologies, with a focus on inspection and integrity as well as research and development solutions. Accurate data is the key for the integrity of industrial assets. We have decades of experience and have inspected billions of miles.
Our experts develop integrity management strategies for assets starting at the design stage and assess older assets aiming to ensure capacity or even extending operational life. We can also provide bespoke solutions for challenging, offshore, and investigate feasibility for pipeline transition.

Crack assessment and management, Education, training, competency assurance, EMAT technology, Geohazards assessment, mitigation, Geometry, deformation inspection, ILI services, MAOP verification, Materials identification, verification, Multi-diameter inspections, SCC assessment and management