2024 Conference Program

2024 - Wednesday, February 14

7:00 Breakfast
7:00 Registrations open
  Session chair: Gary Krichau, Northern Natural Gas
8:00 1 Opening remarks

2 Integrity Management of Difficult to "Smart-Pig" Pipelines Using Minimally Intrusive Sensors
Richard Mcnealy¹, Vahid Ebrahimipour², Duran Mendoza², Praveen Kumar³ ¹Chevron, Houston, USA, ²Chevron, Malongo, Angola, ³Xaas Labs, Sunnyvale, USA

8:45 Young Pipeline Professional Annual Recognition Award Presentation

3 Reconfirming MAOP Using an ECA in Covered Segments
Simon Slater¹, Zain Al-Hasani², Chris Davies³ ¹ROSEN USA, Columbus, USA, ²TC Energy, Houston, USA, ³ROSEN USA, Houston, USA


4 Modernizing Aerial Patrol – Remote Sensing for Liquid Leak and Threat Detection Along the Right-of-Way
Paige Chenevey¹, Joshua Beard¹, Eric Bergeron², Alexandre Thibeault² ¹Marathon Pipe Line, Findlay, USA, ²Flyscan Systems, Quebec City, Canada

10:00 Refreshment Break

5 Commentary on API RP 1183 – Dent Assessment and Management
Brian Leis¹, Amin Eshraghi² ¹Consultant, Worthington, USA, ²Acuren, Calgary, Canada"


6 Quantifying the Impact of Coincidental Versus Preferential Longitudinal Seam Weld Corrosion
Michael Turnquist¹, Yohann Miglis², Yanping Li³ ¹Quest Integrity, Boulder, USA, ²Kinder Morgan, Colorado Springs, USA, ³Enbridge, Edmonton, Canada"

12:00 Lunch
  1.1 ILI Analysis 1 2.1 'Unpiggable' Inspections & Technologies 1
3.1 Geohazards 1 4.1 Materials Identification/ Verification 1
  Session chair: Ray Gardner, Xcel Energy Session chair: Carmen Seal, CITGO ret. Session chair: Alexander McKenzie-Johnson, Geosyntec Session chair: Terry Shamblin, Equitrans Midstream ret.

7 A Novel Approach to Pipeline Feature Identification Using Semantic Segmentation
Amir Behbahanian¹, Adrian Belanger², Robert Coleman², Paul Dalfonso², Ron Lundstrom² ¹T.D. Williamson, Salt Lake City, USA, ²T.D. Williamson, Houston, USA

10 Pigging Previously Unpiggable Pipelines: Challenges and Solutions
Jason Weiss¹, Brett McNabb², Alisdair Blackley²
¹Argus, Edmonton, Canada, ²Apache Pipeline Products, Edmonton, Canada

16 Determining the Immeasurable Pipe Grade

Joel Anderson¹, Michael Rosenfeld², Peter Martin²

¹RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC, Oklahoma City, USA, ²RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC, New Albany, USA


8 Monte Carlo Methods for Comparing Inspection Data
Michael Byington¹, Facundo Nahuel Ignacio Lamas² Rodolfo Eduardo Rodríguez ²Celeste Vera² ¹INGU, Houston, USA, ²Pan American Energy, Cerro Dragón, Argentina

11 Review of Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Ultrasonic Inspections in Gas Pipelines

Willem Vos¹, Jan Ove Toskedal¹, Gary Dye¹

¹NDT Global, Bergen, Norway

14 Lessons Learned from Level 3 Analyses on Bending Strain Features

Rhett Dotson¹, Jeff Haferd², Karim Kabbara², Nic Roniger²

¹D2 Integrity, LLC, Houston, USA, ²Marathon Pipeline, Findlay, USA

17 Approved Methods for Alternative Sampling to Meet the Requirements of 192.607 – Verification of Pipeline Material Properties and Attributes

Carlos Madera¹, Sean Knight², Austin Guerrero³, Simon Slater⁴

¹Dow Chemical, Houston, USA, ²ROSEN Group, Houston, USA, ³ROSEN USA, Houston, USA, ⁴ROSEN USA, Columbus, USA


9 An Evolution of ILI MFL Specifications for Corrosion and Pinholes and Some Approaches for the Future
Jeff Sutherland¹, Melissa Gurney¹ ¹Baker Hughes, Calgary, Canada

12 Enhancing Pipeline Assessments: Answering the Challenge of Unpiggable Liquid Assets with Self-Propelled Solutions

Corey Richards¹, Thor-Staale Kristiansen², John Nonemaker³, Alvaro Patino⁴, Borge Hamnes², Oyvind Gravdal²

¹ROSEN Group, Calgary, Canada, ²ROSEN Group, Bergen, Norway, ³ROSEN USA, Houston, USA, ⁴Imperial Oil, Calgary, Canada

15 A High-Efficiency Approach for Landslide Detection, Prioritization, and Monitoring

Daniel Bahrenburg¹, John Norman², Jeffrey Haferd³

¹ROSEN USA, Houston, USA, ²Teren 4D, Lakewood, USA, ³Marathon Petroleum, Findlay, USA

18 Transmission Regulator Station MAOP Reconfirmation and Material Validation

Megan Grzelak¹, Trevor Ortolano²

¹NiSource, Merrillville, USA, ²Campos EPC, Denver, USA

15:30 Refreshment Break
  1.2 ILI Analysis 2 2.2 'Unpiggable' Inspections & Technologies 2 3.2 Emerging Issues 4.2 Materials Identification/ Verification 2
  Session chair: George Williamson, Integrity Emission Reduction Partners Session chair: Bryan Melan, Tide Water Integrity Services Session chair: Dr. Andrew Cosham, Ninth Planet Engineering Session chair: Gary Krichau, Northern Natural Gas

19 The Importance of Accurate Data Alignment for ILI Assessments
Lucinda Smart¹, Benjamin Wright¹, Dyke Hicks¹
¹Kiefner and Associates, Inc, Ames, USA

21 Small-Diameter ILI Challenges in a Crude Oil Gathering System

Ken Maxfield¹, Phil Tisovec¹, Frank Micheli²

¹KMAX Inspection, Millcreek, USA, ²Bridger Pipeline, Casper, USA

23  Thoughts Towards an Effective Crack Arrestor Design for CO2 Pipelines

Chris Alexander¹, Aquiles Perez², Casey Whalen³

¹ADV Integrity, Inc., Magnolia, USA, ²ECA Solutions, Houston, USA, ³CSNRI, Houston, USA

25 When Have I Done Enough, How Do I Know and, How Do I Prove It.

Joel Anderson¹

¹RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC, Oklahoma CIty, USA


20 Prediction of Dent Stress Concentration Factor from In-Line Inspection Data Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Emmanuel Valencia¹ Atul Ganpatye¹
¹ADV Integrity, Inc., Magnolia, USA

24  Fueling the Debate – Examining the Cost, Emissions, and Security Complexities in Electrifying Pipeline Compression

Tyler Tunic¹, John Chekan², Beau Gribbin³, Cailin Harrington⁴, Josh Harris⁴, Tyler King⁵, Quang Vo⁶, Scott Schubring⁶

¹Williams, Houston, USA, ²Williams, Big Piney, USA, ³Williams, Pittsburgh, USA, ⁴Williams, Fort Lupton, USA, ⁵Williams, Connellsville, USA, ⁶Williams, Tulsa, USA

26 A Machine Learning Model to Automate Quantitative Evaluation of Line Pipe Microstructures

Peter Martin¹, Nathan Switzner¹, Joel Anderson¹, Joshua Stuckner², Owen Lopez-Oneal³, Sophia Curiel³, Peter Veloo³

¹RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC, New Albany, USA, ²NASA, Cleveland, USA, ³Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Oakland, USA

17:30 Conference Day 1 concludes
17:00 Exhibition Reception

2024 - Thursday, February 15

  Thursday, February 15
7:00 Breakfast
7:00 Registrations open
  5.1 Hydrogen Transportation 6.1 Integrity Management 1 7.1 Geohazards 2 8.1 Repair
  Session chair: Dr. Jing Ma, ExxonMobil Session chair: Bryan Melan, Tide Water Integrity Services Session chair: Gary Krichau, Northern Natural Gas Session chair: Terry Shamblin, Equitrans Midstream ret.

27 De-fossilization: Lessons Learned Overcoming Challenges in Difficult Product Pipelines

Mike Kirkwood¹, David Stordeur², Neil McKnight²

¹T.D. Williamson, Swindon, United Kingdom, ²T.D. Williamson, Nivelles, Belgium

30 Hydrotesting in the Modern World – What are we looking for?

Rick Sugden¹

¹Kiefner and Associates, Inc., Denver, USA

33 The Use of Inertial Measurement Unit Data for Managing Slow-Moving Landslides

Joel Van Hove¹, Casey Dowling², Pete Barlow³

¹BGC Engineering Inc., Vancouver, Canada, ²BGC Engineering Inc., Golden, USA, ³BGC Engineering Inc., Edmonton, Canada

36 Fill Your Void – Sleeve Life Extension With a Filled Annulus Space

David Futch¹

¹ADV Integrity, Inc., Magnolia, USA


31 Think Twice Before Flattening

David Futch¹, Francisco Linares¹, Tyler McDonald¹

¹ADV Integrity, Inc., Magnolia, USA

34 An Investigation of Relationship between IMU Bending Strain Measurements and Landslide-Related Pipeline Features in Appalachian Region, USA

Ali Ebrahimi¹, Arash Mosaiebian², Amir Ahmadipur²

¹Geosyntec Consultants, Inc., Houston, USA, ²Enbridge, Calgary, Canada

37 Composite Reinforcement of Wrinkle Bends Subjected to High Strain-Low Cycle Bending Loads

Chris Alexander¹, Tony Rizk², Rodney Clayton², Ahmed Hassanin², Josh Wilson³

¹ADV Integrity, Inc., Magnolia, USA, ²Boardwalk Pipelines, Houston, USA, ³Allan Edwards, Tulsa, USA


29 The LTS Futures Project – A UK Operator’s (SGN) experience of assessing the feasibility of repurposing their natural gas transmission system to transport hydrogen

Gemma Simpson¹, Nancy Thomson¹, Courtney West¹, Jane Haswell², Andrew Cosham³, Gary Senior²

¹SGN, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, ²PIE, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, ³Ninth Planet Engineering Limited, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

32 POF your ILI System Selection and how to comply with API STD 1163

Christopher De Leon¹

¹D2 Integrity LLC, Houston, USA

35 Don’t Be Strained: A Case Study and Lessons Learned on Comparing Multiple IMU Data

Rhett Dotson¹, Briant Jackson², Matt Stevenson², Chris Newton²

¹D2 Integrity, LLC, Houston, USA, ²Phillips 66, Houston, USA

38 Air Pocket Analysis: Exploring the Effects of Air Pockets in Composite Reinforcement Systems for Pipes

Russell Giudici¹, Ahmed Hassanin², Atul Ganpatye², Chris Alexander²

¹Advanced FRP Systems, Weymouth, USA, ²ADV Integrity, Magnolia, USA

9:30 Refreshment Break
  5.2 ILI Analysis 3 6.2 Integrity Management 2 7.2 NDT 1 8.2 Crack Assessment and Management 1
  Session chair: Christopher De Leon, D2 Integrity Session chair: Dr. Dongliang Lu, TC Energy Session chair: Ray Gardner, Xcel Energy Session chair: Dr. Fan Zhang, Phillips 66

39 Understanding the Impact of Corrosion Morphology on ILI Detection and Sizing Capability

Fraser Gray¹, Susannah Turner¹, Jack Davies¹

¹Highgrade Associates Limited, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

45 A Tool for the Identification of Anomalous NDT Chemical Composition Measurements during In Situ Testing

Janille Maragh¹, Jonathan Gibbs², Peter Martin³, Jeffrey Kornuta⁴, Peter Veloo⁵

¹Exponent, Inc., Menlo Park, USA, ²Pacific Gas & Electric Company, San Ramon, USA, ³RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC, New Albany, USA, ⁴Exponent, Inc., Houston, USA, ⁵Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Oakland, USA

48 Pipeline Stacked Crack Interaction Burst Pressure Analysis Using 3-D Crack Meshes

Ryan Holloman¹, Greg Thorwald¹, Michael Turnquest¹, Mark Neuert²

¹Quest Integrity, Boulder, USA, ²Enbridge, Edmonton, Canada


40 Using Multiple MFL Magnetizations for Reliable Corrosion Assessment at Scale

Jed Ludlow¹, Adrian Belanger², Ron Lundstrom², Miguel Maldonado²

¹T.D. Williamson, Salt Lake City, USA, ²T.D. Williamson, Houston, USA

43 Welding on Pipe with Laminations

Michiel Brongers¹, Paul Kurilecz²

¹Kiefner and Associates, Inc., Columbus, USA, ²Independent Consultant, Dallas, USA

46 Classification of LF and HF ERW using Instrumented Indentation Test (IIT) with Local Microstructure Identification

Woosik Kim¹, Dongil Kwon², Dongseong Ro³

¹FRONTICS INTERNATIONAL Inc, Seoul, Republic of Korea, ²Seoul National University, ³FRONTICS AMERICA Inc, Mount Prospect, USA

49 Novel Approach for Detecting and Identifying Complex Cracking in LF-ERW pipe, A Real Case Study

Santiago Urrea¹, Jordi Aymerich², Sayan Pipatpan², Tannia Haro³, Alex Hensley³, Christopher Newton⁴

¹NDT Global, Stutensee, Germany, ²NDT Global, Barcelona, Spain, ³NDT Global, Houston, USA, ⁴Phillips 66, Houston, USA


41 A case study to fuse MFL-A and MFL-C inspections for 3D Metal Loss Defect Profile Reconstruction

Xiang Peng¹, Kevin Siggers¹, Johannes Palmer², Gurwinder Nagra³

¹ROSEN Technology Canada Ltd., Kelowna, Canada, ²ROSEN Technology and Research Center GmbH, Lingen, Germany, ³Enbridge Liquids Pipeline, Calgary, Canada

44 The Role of Full-Scale Testing in Managing Pipeline Integrity

Chris Alexander¹, Chantz Denowh¹

¹ADV Integrity, Inc., Manolia, USA

47 Validation of Planing-Induced Microfracture for Determining Pipe Body Toughness

Xuejun Huang¹, Bryan Feigel¹, Victor Jablokov¹

¹Massachusetts Materials Technologies, Natick, USA

50 Cyclic Fatigue Analysis of Crack-Like Anomalies using Hydrostatic and ILI Data

Tristan MacLeod¹

¹Kiefner and Associates, Inc., Ames, USA

12:00 Lunch
  5.3 ILI Applications 1 6.3 Risk Assessment 1 7.3 Dents 8.3 Crack Assessment and Management 2
  Session chair: Michael Plishka, Colonial Pipeline Session chair: Dr. Dongliang Lu, TC Energy Session chair: Dr. Fan Zhang, Phillips 66 Session chair: Dr. Tom Bubenik, DNV

51 ERW Lack of Fusion (Penetrators) ILI Capabilities using Ultrasonic Shear Wave

Rogelio Guajardo¹, Eder Prestegui², Träumner Katja³, Victor Haro³

¹NDT Global, Barcelona, Spain, ²NDT Global, Mexico City, Mexico, ³NDT Global, Stutensee, Germany

54 Sensitivity Analysis in Oil and Gas Pipeline Risk Assessment: A Comprehensive Review and Comparative Study

Seyed Hamed Fatiminia¹, Eduardo Munoz²

¹Dynamic Risk, Calgary, Canada, ²Dynamic Risk, Houston, USA

57 To Dig or Not to Dig - Determining Which Dents are Suitable for Engineering Critical Assessment per 192.712 (c)

Shanshan Wu¹, Joseph Bratton¹, Jing Wang², David Kemp², Luyao Xu², Greg Quickel²

¹DNV, Dublin, USA, ²TC Energy, Calgary, Canada

60 Considerations When Selecting Failure Stress Models for Prioritizing Crack or Crack-like Anomalies for Response and Remediation

Sergio Limon¹, Ming Gao¹, Ravi Krishnamurthy¹

¹Blade Energy Partners, Houston, USA


55 Reducing Conservatism in Probabilistic Corrosion Analyses using Cluster Profiles

Daryl Bandstra¹, Alex Fraser¹, Miaad Safari², Kai Ji²

¹Integral Engineering, Edmonton, Canada, ²Enbridge Gas, Toronto, Canada

58 Critical Review and Improved Fatigue Life Prediction Models for Unconstrained Single Peak Plain Dents Based on EPRG Approach

Rick Wang¹, Ming Gao²

¹TC Energy, Calgary, USA, ²Blade Energy Partners, Houston, USA

61 Development of an EMAT-based Crack Inspection Tool for Small Diameter and Difficult to Inspect Pipelines

Kevin Spencer¹, Phillip Bondurant², Haraprasad Kannajosyula², Jabin Reinhold³

¹Quest Integrity, Calgary, Canada, ²Quest Integrity, Seattle, USA, ³Quest Integrity, Traverse City, USA


53 Achieving Successful In-Line Inspection Tool Runs in Nitrogen-Filled Pipelines

Brian Cooper¹, Matthew Moshier², John El-Hallal², David Anstead³ Lance Wethey⁴

¹HT Engineering, Inc., Grand Rapids, USA, ²TC Energy, Chicago, USA, ³BP, Chicago, USA, ⁴ROSEN, Houston, USA

56 Risk Based Prioritization of Hard Spot Mitigation

Kelly Thompson¹

¹Williams, Tulsa, USA

59 Evaluating the Effect of Maximum Stress and Maximum Stress Range on Fatigue Life Assessments of Dents

David Kemp¹, Shanshan Wu¹, Joseph Bratton¹, Luyao Xu², Jing Wang³, Liam Hagel³

¹DNV, Dublin, USA, ²DNV, Calgary, Canada, ³TC Energy, Calgary, Canada

62 Use of Full-Scale Testing as a Means for Improving Burst Pressure Predictions of Crack-Like Features

Atul Ganpatye¹, Chris Alexander¹, Rodney Clayton², Tony Rizk²

¹ADV Integrity, Inc., Magnolia, USA, ²Boardwalk Pipelines, LP, Houston, USA

15:00 Refreshment Break
  5.4 ILI Applications 2 6.4 Risk Assessment 2 7.4 Seam Weld Corrosion 8.4 Crack Assessment and Management 3
  Session chair: Terry Shamblin, Equitrans Midstream ret. Session chair: Alex Fraser, Integral Engineering Session chair: Dr. Tom Bubenik, DNV Session chair: Dr. Jing Ma, ExxonMobil

63 Complex Internal Metal Loss Pitting Corrosion in a Small-Diameter Pipeline and its Successful Detection and Sizing with UT Metal Loss – A Case Study

Kerstin Munsel¹, Thomas Meinzer²

¹NDT Global, Houston, USA, ²NDT Global, Stutensee, Germany

66 A Comprehensive Reevaluation of the Benefits of Pipeline Cover Depth

Michael Rosenfeld¹, Richard Gailing², Benjamin Zand², Joel Anderson³

¹RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC, New Albany, USA, ²Retired, Sandy, USA, ³RSI Pipeline Solutions LLC, Oklahoma City, USA

69 Integrity Management of Selective Seam Weld Corrosion in Gas Transmission Pipelines

Mick Ellem¹, Mark Sigley¹, Olivia Chung²

¹First Gas Limited, New Plymouth, New Zealand, ²Quest Integrity, Wellington, New Zealand

72 A Case Study of a Natural Gas Pipeline Failure Due to CP-related Hydrogen-Assisted Cracking

Pablo Cazenave¹, Ming Gao¹, Katina Jimenez¹, Ravi Krishnamurthy¹

¹Blade Energy Partners, Houston, USA


64 Pipe Expansions and Bulges: Consideration of their impact on short-term and long-term pipeline integrity

Kathrin Schroeer¹, Andrew Wilde², Morry Bankehsaz³

¹ROSEN Technology & Research Center, Lingen, Germany, ²ROSEN UK, Newcastle, UK, ³ROSEN USA, Houston, USA

67 Safety of CO2 Pipelines – a Reality Check

Ian J. Duncan¹, Alex Lange², W. Kent Muhlbauer³

¹Univ. of Texas-Austin, Center for Assessment and Management of Risk (CAMR), Austin, USA, ²Summit Carbon Solutions, Ames, USA ³WKM Consultancy, Austin, USA

70 ILI-Based Approach to Assess SSWC

Christopher Davies¹, Cameron Cooper¹, Lee Sellers²

¹ROSEN USA, Houston, USA, ²Energy Transfer, Houston, USA

73 Integrity Management of Off-Axis Stress Corrosion Cracking by Direct Detection through an Inline Inspection System and Engineering Assessment

Ron Thompson¹, Richard Kania², Andrew Corbett², Guillermo Solano²

¹Novitech Inc., Toronto, Canada, ²KanEnergy Partners Inc., Calgary, Canada


65 Addressing Complex and Axially Aligned Corrosion with MFL Technologies and the Benefits of Tri-Axial Methods
Anthony Tindall¹, Steve Farnie¹, Jeff Sutherland², Stuart Clouston² ¹Baker Hughes, Cramlington, United Kingdom, ²Baker Hughes, Calgary, Canada

68 Shifting Paradigms: can we learn from pipeline releases?

Mark Wright¹, Amin Singh¹, Tanner Jones¹

¹ROSEN USA, Houston, USA

71 ILI-Reported Longitudinal Seam Weld Versus Pipe Body Metal Loss Anomalies – A Case Study

Matt Ellinger¹, William Harper¹, Pam Moreno¹, Stacy Hickey¹, Adriana Nenciu¹, Preston Galloway¹

¹DNV, Dublin, USA

74 SCC Colony Crack Shielding Factors Determined Using FEA

Colin Scott¹, Abu Hena Muntakim¹

¹Northern Crescent, Calgary, Canada

17:00 Conference Day 2 concludes

2024 - Friday, February 16

  Friday, February 16
7:00 Breakfast    
7:00 Registrations open    
  9.1 Operational Pigging 10.1 Leak Detection 11.1 Geohazards 3
  Session chair: George Williamson, Integrity Emission Reduction Partners Session chair: Dr. Andrew Cosham, Ninth Planet Engineering Session chair: Rhett Dotson, D2 Integrity

79 Cost Effective Remote Pipeline Vault Monitoring and Leak Detection System

David Scharff¹, Kaushik Parmar¹, Adrian Banica¹

¹Direct-C, Edmonton, Canada

83 Integrity assessment and management of a brine pipeline in active ground movement areas

Pablo Cazenave¹, Sergio Limón¹, Ravi Krishnamurthy¹

¹Blade Energy Partners, Houston, USA


76 Integrity Assessments of In-Line Isolation Tools: How to Gain Assurance on New Technologies, Approval, Testing and Live Trials

Kirsty McDermott¹, Andy Fuller², Chris Lyons², Andy Brealey³, Jeffery Stephen Jones³, Neil MacKay⁴

¹National Gas Transmission, Warwick, United Kingdom, ²PIE, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, ³DNV, Loughborough, United Kingdom, ⁴STATS Group, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

80 Methodologies for Pipeline Leak Detection: A Multi-Sensor Inline Inspection Study

Nikolaos Salmatanis¹, Amit Rajput², Praveen Kumar², John O'Brien³

¹Chevron Technology Company, Houston, USA, ²XaaS Labs, Sunnyvale, USA, ³itcSkilla, Houston, USA

84 Ground Movement or Construction? How to identify ground movement signatures in inertial measurement unit data

Casey Dowling¹, Pete Barlow², Joel Van Hove³, ⁴Teko Hanvi, ⁵Jim Hart

¹BGC Engineering USA, Golden, USA, ²BGC Engineering, Edmonton, Canada, ³BGC Engineering, Vancouver, Canada, ⁴Enbridge, ⁵SSD, Inc


77 Rescue Pigging Case Study: Against All Odds and The Clock 

Scott Olson¹, Andy Studman², Jim Evans³, Aidan O’Donoghue⁴

¹Shell Trading & Supply Operations, Trinidad & Tobago, ²Shell International Ltd, Aberdeen, UK, ³Pigtek Limited, Temple Normanton, UK, ⁴Pipeline Research Limited,  Glasgow, UK

81 Prevention and Detection of Leakage on Buried Pipelines using Vibroacoustic Technology within a Holistic Framework

Ana Paula Gomes¹, Marco Marino¹, Simone Cesari²

¹Enivibes, Milan, Italy, ²Eni, San Donato Milanese, Italy

85 Pipeline Digital Twins and Geohazards: Combining Pipeline Material and Inline Inspection Data with Geohazard Modeling for Comprehensive Geohazard Threat Assessments

Brian Ellis¹, Louise O'Sullivan², J Aidan Charlton², Ben Lowry³, John Norman³, Jake Opdahl³

¹pipelinelogic, Lakewood, USA, ²Penspen, London, United Kingdom, ³Teren, Inc., Lakewood, USA


82 A Tool for Extracting Leak-Detecting Smart Balls from Pressurized Lines

Nikolaos Salmatanis¹, Craig Champlin²

¹Chevron Technology Company, Houston, USA, ²Upstream Vee, LLC, Golden, USA

86 Novel Non-Contact Drone-Based Tool for Pipeline Movement Assessment

Hamza Kella Bennani¹, Jim Hart², Ali Fathi³, Mehdi Laichoubi¹

¹Skipper NDT, Paris, France, ²SSD, Reno, USA, ³Enbridge, Edmonton, Canada

10:00 Refreshment Break    
  9.2 Pig Tracking 10.2 Engineering Assessment 11.2 NDT 2
  Session chair: Josh Busby, Energy Transfer Session chair: Dr. Andrew Cosham, Ninth Planet Engineering Session chair: Dr. Peter Veloo, PG&E

87 Advanced Permanent Remote Pig Tracking

Greg Zinter¹, James Staszuk¹, Cory Solyom², Brianna Bossio³

¹PureHM, Edmonton, Canada, ²PureHM, Calgary, Canada, ³Enbridge, Edmonton, Canada

90 Calculating Effective Flaw Dimensions at Operating Pressures

Tom Bubenik¹, Steven Polasik¹, Benjamin Hanna¹

¹DNV, Dublin, USA

93 Measuring Pipe Seam Toughness via Frictional Sliding

Intisar Rizwan i Haque¹, Ryan Lacy¹, Simon Bellemare¹

¹Massachusetts Materials Technologies, Natick, USA


88 Achieving the Peak of Electromagnetic Pig Detection

Gavin Duncan¹

¹Online Electronics, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

91 Accounting for Corrosion Growth and Interaction in Future Severity Assessments

Jane Dawson¹, Steven Farnie¹

¹Baker Hughes, Cramlington, United Kingdom

94 Portable Indentation Plastometry for Accurate and Immediate In-ditch Material Verification

James Dean¹

¹Plastometrex, Cambridge, United Kingdom


89 Locating a Lost/Stuck PIG in a Pipeline using XLI PWA Technology

Morgan Dormaar¹, Derrick Hunter¹, Cory Solyom², Dixit Patel³, Wade Forshner⁴, Michael Callan⁵

¹PureHM, Edmonton, Canada, ²PureHM, Calgary, Canada, ³TC Energy, Calgary, Canada, ⁴Pembina Pipeline, Calgary, Canada, ⁵Keyera Corp, Grand Praire, Canada

92 Effective Implementation of Plausible Profile (Psqr) Method for Remaining Strength Determination of Complex Corrosion

Tristan Jones¹, Ivan Thesi¹, David Bastidas¹, Cesar Espinoza¹, Andres Gonzalez¹

¹ROSEN USA, Houston, USA

95 Microwave Inspection Development and Evaluation for Spoolable Composite Pipe

Chantz Denowh¹, Robert Stakenborghs², Liang Yu³

¹ADV Integrity, Inc., Houston, USA, ²Advanced Microwave Imaging, Baton Rouge, USA, ³Baker Hughes Flexible Pipe Systems, Houston, USA

12:00 Conference concludes