Baywater Pipeline

Baywater Pipeline is a full-service contractor in the energy sector, providing comprehensive pipeline construction and maintenance services for the oil and gas, utility, and renewable energy industries.

In addition to our superior customer satisfaction, it is our commitment to uphold the highest standards of safety and quality assurance.

Pipeline & Facility Construction
Integrity & Maintenance
Inland Marine Construction
Caisson Services
Fabrication & Installation
Chemical Cleaning & Pigging
Civil Construction
Right of Way

Products and services

Cleaning, chemical, Commissioning, decommissioning, Corrosion assessment and management, Crack assessment and management, Dents, Plugs/stoppers, Pressure testing, Receivers, receiving, Repair and/or rehabilitation, Tracking, locating

Cenozon Inc.

We help oil and gas companies of all sizes unlock the power of data. Our products save time and help you make better decisions – so your business can optimize efficiency and accelerate growth. Empowering People with Tools has been the key to our success. From operations in the field to data analysis or engineering reviews in the office we connect your business unites.

"Doing the same things, JUST BETTER"

Products and services

Corrosion assessment and management, Data management, Geohazards assessment, mitigation, ILI analysis, ILI verification, validation, Integrity Management Plans (IMPs), Monitoring systems and technology, Pipeline profile/mapping, Regulations and compliance, Risk assessment and management

Miqrotech Inc

Our cutting-edge pipeline monitoring solution seamlessly reads pipelines with instant reporting. This level of detection leads to insights beyond real-time threats: by merging this constant, consistent data gathering with Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, we can predict leaks weeks, months, and even years before they occur. We maximize your information, so you can optimize operations.

The mIQroAware™ solution offers a full suite of integrated technologies working together to provide you with instant, intelligent insights. By blending sensor, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Analytics technology, this innovative system monitors the 7 most important parameters of pipeline health at a rate of up to 42 times per second.

Products and services

Corrosion assessment and management, Corrosion inspection, Corrosion monitoring, Leak detection, Monitoring systems and technology, Regulations and compliance, Risk assessment and management, Sensors, Tracking, locating

Metalogic Inspection Services

Metalogic is a turnkey NDT & Inspection company, with a proven track record of reducing our customer's costs and risk through inspection innovation.
With offices throughout North America and temporary projects around the world, Metalogic has built a reputation as an inspection industry innovator, by significantly increasing inspection production & data quality, while delivering the fastest, error free reporting in the industry today.
How, by partnering with the best available technology manufacturers and integrating our proprietary InspectIQ™ software data acquisition and reporting software.
InspectIQ™ is not just digital data collection on a tablet, “garbage in garbage out”. The success of InspectIQ™ has been our ability to reduce the reliance on technician experience and training by integrating thousands of quality controls and machine learning functions with customer specifications, and automating the entire project process from NDT/Inspection request to reporting through our cloud based project management platform.

Products and services

EMAT technology, Facilities inspection and integrity assessment, ILI verification, validation, NDE (other than ILI verification), Pressure vessels, inspection and assessment, SCC assessment and management, Tank inspection, UT technology, Valves, inspection and assessment, Weld inspection/assessment

RCI Energy Group

RCI Energy Group operates a full-service NDT division, Welder & Materials Testing division, Project Management & Inspection division and a General Contracting/I&E division. RCI supports downstream, midstream and upstream operations throughout the gulf coat and continental US.

Products and services

Coating inspection, Corrosion assessment and management, Corrosion inspection, Crack assessment and management, Eddy current technology, Facilities inspection and integrity assessment, Materials identification, verification, NDE (other than ILI verification), Pressure vessels, inspection and assessment, Weld inspection/assessment

HPC Industrial

HPC Industrial is a leading provider of energy and industrial services throughout North America. The company serves a diverse customer base, including a majority of the Fortune 500 companies, thousands of smaller private entities, and numerous federal, state, provincial and local governmental agencies. HPC Industrial is the only industrial cleaning company with a fully invested, dedicated Technology Center. We have engineering, specialty services, maintenance and training all under one roof. Our services include pigging and decoking, chemical cleaning, pipeline coatings services, dewatering and materials processing.

Products and services

Cleaning, chemical, Coatings, internal, Environmental services, Leak detection, Pipeline profile/mapping, Pressure vessels, inspection and assessment, Repair and/or rehabilitation, Tank inspection, Transportation services, Water management and treatment

HMT Inspection

HMT’s Inspection offers a complete line of NDE services and engineering evaluations per API Standard 653, API Standard 570, API Standard 510, STI Standard SP001, AWWA D100, ASME B 31.1/31.3 and ASME Section VIII Div. 2
Our certified inspectors, technicians and engineers work as a team to provide quality, comprehensive inspections and recommendations in a safe, reliable, efficient manner. HMT’s inspection group will provide reliable, expedient, and cost effective services.
We understand the importance of accurate, quality reporting. All field inspection data, engineering analysis and evaluation of work performed is translated into the proper report format and delivered in a timely manner.

Products and services

Engineering services, Mapping, Pressure vessels, inspection and assessment, Seam welds inspection/assessment, Strain assessment and management, Tank inspection, UT technology, Valves, inspection and assessment, Video inspection, monitoring, Weld inspection/assessment


Based on a new physical approach for the inspection and survey of unpiggable pipelines, EMPIT has succeeded in becoming one of the fastest growing companies in the market.

With developing the worldwide unique Current Magnetometry Inspection (CMI), EMPIT has managed to unfold a groundbreaking technology to the market. Thus, finally enabling to inspect buried unpiggable pipelines from the earth surface. No line stop needed, no line preparation needed, no ILI-tool needed.

Visit our booth and learn how our in-house developed drones collect seamless information about metal loss & coating condition as well as 3D position & geometry in one single inspection run.

Products and services

Coating inspection, Corrosion inspection, Geometry, deformation inspection, Leak detection, Mapping, NDE (other than ILI verification), Pipeline profile/mapping, Risk assessment and management, Surveying equipment & services, Tracking, locating


Tracerco’s field proven subsea technologies deliver real-time condition monitoring of subsea assets. Established to provide 100% accurate, safe and reliable pipeline pig tracking, Tracerco can provide fast, effective and complete control of subsea pig tracking, positioning and location. Applicable to any line diameter and wall thickness, including pipe-in-pipe, our pig tracking system provides the exact location of the pig during an in-line inspection, cleaning or de-watering activities, as well as the speed of the pig. With these critical data insights, pipeline operators can minimise the risk of damage to the pipeline and maximise production throughput.

Products and services

Commissioning, decommissioning, Corrosion assessment and management, Corrosion inspection, Corrosion monitoring, Gel Pigging (all types), ILI services, Leak detection, Materials identification, verification, Re-inspection, Tracking, locating

Dynamic Risk

Dynamic Risk is a global leader in innovative solutions for the safe and efficient delivery of energy resources. Since 1996, Dynamic Risk has evolved its industry-leading expertise to revolutionize the business of pipeline risk and integrity management, providing best-in-class pipeline systems modeling software and asset risk advisory services to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operations. The company partners with operators across the Transmission, Midstream, Upstream, and Gas Utility industries to avoid pipeline failures through complete lifecycle risk management, and enables clients to achieve optimal business, safety, and environmental performance while meeting compliance objectives and achieving a goal of zero incidents.

Dynamic Risk is part of Previan, a fast-growing, innovative, and private industrial technology group focused on advanced diagnostic technologies to monitor the world’s infrastructure health. The Group serves asset owners, large engineering firms, and service companies globally in markets such as Aerospace, Civil Infrastructure, Energy, Mining, Power Generation, and Rail. Via sensors, hardware, robotics, and software, Previan makes a safe and sustainable future possible, by pushing the limits of diagnostic technologies that preserve the integrity of our world’s critical infrastructure and assets.

More information can be found on the company’s website:

Products and services

Corrosion assessment and management, Corrosion monitoring, ILI analysis, ILI services, Integrity Management Plans (IMPs), MAOP verification, NDE (other than ILI verification), Regulations and compliance, Risk assessment and management

Technical Toolboxes

Founded in 1996, Technical Toolboxes is the global leader of pipeline integrity management software, helping you meet the challenges of pipeline management today with increased safety and efficiency, while reducing risk​. Using our Pipeline HUB platform, you can manage all engineering calculations across crossings, integrity, corrosion, welding, and more. The Pipeline HUB helps connects all engineering data across groups into one centralized, GIS-integrated platform for simple data sharing and reporting. Further, we offer a comprehensive range of technical training courses designed to advance pipeline engineering knowledge across the industry.

Products and services

Codes and standards, Corrosion assessment and management, Data management, Education, training, competency assurance, Geospatial systems and data, GIS, Pipeline profile/mapping, Regulations and compliance, Risk assessment and management, Strain assessment and management, Weld inspection/assessment

Topflight Mechanical Services

Leak Sealing
Corrosion & Erosion Monitoring
Field Machinging
Valve Repair
Hot Tapping
Technical Bolting
Cold Welding
Composite Reinforcement
Gas Leaking Detection
HIgh Performance Polymers
Line Isolations
Weld Testing

BIC Magazine

Leading companies that provide services and products to the industrial market use BIC Magazine to get their message in front of key decision makers. BIC is the preferred source for news, expansions and project announcements, new products, plant/site management, maintenance and reliability best practices, leadership and training, safety and industrial marketing.


Plastometrex is a science and technology company based in Cambridge (UK). We develop novel mechanical testing systems, designed to make testing simpler, quicker, and more insightful. Our testing systems employ indentation-based testing methods, coupled with advanced numerical methods and optimization algorithms. Our core methodologies have been developed over a 15-year period of research activity, primarily conducted at the University of Cambridge, and are currently being used across the globe by world-leading academic institutions and industry.

Employing the proven scientific methodology - Indentation Plastometry - the Portable Indentation Plastometer provides accurate, quick, and affordable in-ditch testing of high-value metal assets. The device supports positive material identification (PMI) requirements, in-situ monitoring of material degradation over time, and asset and component life extension calculations, delivering real-time TVC records:

Full and accurate, real-time test results - Enjoy quick testing times, real-time results, and total confidence in your data through process automation, bypassing any room for operator error.

Cost-effective and scalable deployment - Roll out non-destructive PMI programs quickly and cost-effectively with affordable testing devices, single-person use & fast training.

Centralized cloud-based results storage - Real-time & easily accessible testing data lets you analyze and share data with your team while digs are still open.

TVC compliant - Instantly capture, store, and access traceable, verifiable, and complete asset integrity records.

Products and services

Facilities inspection and integrity assessment, MAOP verification, Materials identification, verification, NDE (other than ILI verification), Seam welds inspection/assessment, Strength assessment and analysis, Test and analysis equipment and instrumentation, Valves, inspection and assessment, Weld inspection/assessment


Pipeline Research Council International is a community of the world’s leading pipeline companies, and the vendors, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and other supporting organizations. PRCI’s mission is to collaboratively deliver relevant and innovative applied research to continually improve the global energy pipeline systems. Since 1952, PRCI has been recognized around the world as a unique forum within the energy pipeline industry for delivering great quantitative and qualitative value to members and non-members alike through the development and deployment of research solutions to improve pipeline safety and performance.

NVI Nondestructive & Visual Inspection

NVI is a worldwide industrial solutions provider for companies with high-stakes infrastructures. We provide unrivaled reliability and customer service by being fast, flexible, and accurate. We strive to help companies plan, inspect and document infrastructure build-outs and maintenance, enabling safe, compliant, and efficient operations. We deliver our NDT techniques with a passionate commitment to exceptional customer service that many NDE providers simply cannot match. Our services include, but are not limited to: Conventional NDE, Advanced NDE, Mechanical Integrity, Pipeline Integrity, Heat Treatment, Marine Services and Rope Access.

Products and services

Coating inspection, Corrosion assessment and management, Corrosion inspection, Data management, Direct assessment, Eddy current technology, Fatigue assessment and management, ILI verification, validation, Materials identification, verification, UT technology

Young Pipeline Professionals USA

Young Pipeline Professionals USA is a non-profit group with the goal of connecting, educating, and developing the future leaders of the pipeline industry. We achieve this through hosting our annual Symposium, creating technical and professional training opportunities, providing discounts on training courses, and offering leadership and networking opportunities.

Products and services

Education, training, competency assurance

Kiefner and Associates, Inc

Founded in 1990, Kiefner and Assocaites, Inc. is a boutique engineering consulting firm specializing in energy asset assurance services for a worldwide array of clients. We specialize in many service areas including: risk; data analytics; fitness for service; remaining life; corrosion management; regulatory compliance/audit; welding engineering; ILI validation, comparison, and analysis; root cause failure analysis; and, failure mechanisms. Kiefner has the most complete database of empirical pipeline materials, dating back to the early 1930s, which can be used to validate a wide array of solutions. Our staff of attorneys, Ph.D.s, engineers, and skilled laborers can assist in many niche areas affecting pipelines or the petrochemical and renewables energy businesses.

Products and services

Corrosion assessment and management, Engineering services, Facilities inspection and integrity assessment, Failure analysis, Geohazards assessment, mitigation, Girth welds and assessment, ILI verification, validation, Mechanical damage inspection/assessment, Regulations and compliance, Risk assessment and management

Moso Services, LLC

Moso Services, LLC is a certified women owned company that offers services for pipelines and other pressure vessels for structural integrity and strength testing. The services we provide are: Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Pneumatic Testing, Filling and Dewatering of Pipelines, Pigging, Chemical Flushing and Cleaning of Pipelines, Mechanical Cleaning and Drying of Pipelines, and Torquing. We also provide project staffing services when skilled professionals are required for projects.

Products and services

Cleaning, chemical, Dehydration/drying, Facilities inspection and integrity assessment, Gel Pigging (all types), Hydrostatic testing, ILI services, Launchers, launching, Pressure testing, Receivers, receiving, Tank inspection

3P Services

For more than 30 years we have focused on challenging pipeline inspections. With our innovative inspection tools we deliver accurate data even in challenging designs, diameters, products and operating modes. This allows you to minimize your risks and costs and optimize the reliability and performance of your pipelines.

Products and services

ILI services

Reserve Equipment

Industry Leaders in Pipeline Evacuation for 47 years.
When you need to take a section of pipeline out of service, Reserve Equipment, Inc. can move quickly to the site, connect our equipment to the target line with flexible hosing, and transfer the bulk of your natural gas across a block valve sending it on down the line toward your market.

By transferring the gas, you avoid losing its value; you avoid releasing it into the atmosphere. You also retain, in your pipeline, whatever toxins may be present. We have performed evacuation services at hundreds of sites, using from one to seven systems manifolded together.

We have evacuated lines as short as a single pig trap and as long as 700 miles in length. We have evacuated lines from 2 to 48 inches in diameter, with initial pressures ranging from 50 to 1,250 psig. We do this routinely on a turnkey basis, with service tailored to your needs. Reserve's pipeline evacuation service, a highly mobile mix of men, machinery, parts, supplies, engineering and service, goes anywhere you need for as long as you need, and then moves on, leaving you only the profits.


ChampionX brings over a century of expertise and 7,000 global team members who deliver forward-thinking innovations, unmatched global supply chain capability, and market-shaping solutions in reservoir, drilling, production, midstream, and water applications. Our world-class safety culture fuels our purpose to improve lives through our commitment to deliver globally sustainable operations.

Products and services

Cleaning, chemical, Cleaning, internal, Corrosion assessment and management, Corrosion inhibitors, Corrosion inspection, Data management, Failure analysis, Inhibitors, Leak detection, Risk assessment and management

Griffin Dewatering

Griffin Water Solutions provides a complete line of pipeline hydro testing, pigging equipment & treatment options for contractors and operators. Our services include permitting, design, rental, and turnkey services.

Our full-service line of equipment includes:
High Pressure Fill Pumps (350-500 psi)
Reciprocating Test pumps with capabilities up to 5000 PSI.
Pig launchers & receivers with port valves for cleaning & smart tool operation
Instrumentation (Stroke Counters, Deadweights, Chart Recorders, Gauges)
Specialty Hoses, and high-pressure fittings and valves
Automation & Telemetry Capabilities
Mechanical and Chemical Treatment Systems

Products and services

Foam pigs, Gel Pigging (all types), Hydrostatic testing, Launchers, launching, Pig valves, Receivers, receiving, Water management and treatment


Trapil is a French pipeline operator since 1950:

In 2023 with our 3 pipelines networking we operate :
4,700 kilometers of main lines,
850,000 cubic meters of tank farms,
160 pumping and delivery facilities.

Besides, we have created innovative pipeline inspection tools :
Inspection & Integrity:
Phased Array Tool: Geometry, Cracks in the welds, Metal Loss, all in one passage
Detection of IIllegal hot tappings: inactive/ active

Products and services

Corrosion inspection, Crack assessment and management, Dents, Geometry, deformation inspection, ILI analysis, ILI services, ILI verification, validation, Leak detection, Metal‐loss inspection, UT technology


Founded in 2005, Cokebusters has evolved from a small family run organisation to a successful international SME providing world-class technical services to renowned energy and utility clients in all corners of the globe. From our Technology Centre in the United Kingdom and our Americas Operations Centre in Houston, TX, we now offer bespoke cleaning, inspection services and associated integrity advice – from oil and gas, through to utilities and new energy. As the company grows and evolves, we strive to retain the family values upon which Cokebusters was built.

Our experienced operators and consultants are committed to consistently delivering a high quality and reliable service to our valued customers across the world. Cokebusters is the only company in the world able to combine these services.

Products and services

Casings, casings inspection, Cleaning, chemical, Cleaning, internal, Corrosion assessment and management, Corrosion inspection, Corrosion monitoring, Facilities inspection and integrity assessment, Metal‐loss inspection, UT technology, Water management and treatment