PHMSA Updates Related to Data and GIS, 20

wednesdayopening-sessionleigha-gooding monique-roberts
Evaluating the Suitability of the US Pipeline Network for Hydrogen Service, , , , 26

wednesdayopening-sessionneil-gallon richard-ingolia ryan-sager sebastiaan-schuite simon-slater
Your API 5L Vintage Line Pipe Fracture Toughness Data Would Likely Fall Within This Range, , , , 16

wednesdayopening-sessioncarlos-madera ken-george kevin-coulter ravi-krishnamurthy sergio-limon
Applying API RP 1183 to Real-World In-Line Inspection Dent Data, , , 22

wednesdayopening-sessionaaron-lockey mike-kirkwood susannah-turner tim-turner
An Optimal Approach of Acceptance Criteria for Mild Ripples in Pipeline Field Bends Under Internal Pressure, , 16

wednesdayopening-sessionaaron-dinovitzer enyang-d-wang jing-ma
Three Emerging Threats: Climate Change, Vandalism and Cyberattack12

Thought Bias: The Hidden Pipeline Integrity Threat, 14

wednesday1-1-integrity-management-1joel-anderson michael-rosenfeld
Value-Added Pipeline Applications Using High-Fidelity Fiber Optic Monitoring and Machine Learning, , 14

wednesday1-1-integrity-management-1ehsan-jalilian mike-hooper steven-koles
Low-Cost Airborne Oil Leak and Threat Detection for Pipeline Right-of-Way, , 16

wednesday1-1-integrity-management-1alexandre-thibeault eric-bergeron ray-philipenko
A Probabilistic Method to Predict Nominal Wall Thickness, , , , , 18

wednesday1-2-material-identification-verification-1cameron-fisch colin-bullard masoud-moghtaderi-zadeh michael-fernandez owen-oneal peter-veloo
Operator Statistical and Probabilistic Grade Estimation Using API 1176, , , , 14

wednesday1-2-material-identification-verification-1adriana-nenciu benjamin-r-hanna tara-p-mcmahan thomas-a-bubenik william-v-harper
Pipeline Integrity Dig Lessons Learned, Challenges, and Improvements, , 24

wednesday2-1-ili-verification-1alireza-kohandehghan jordan-brooke nathan-weigl
Limitations and Pitfalls of NDE Techniques for the Validation of In-line Inspections, 20

wednesday2-1-ili-verification-1sayan-pipatpan tannia-haro
Perception vs Reality: Managing ILI Verification for Internal Corrosion, , , 14

wednesday2-1-ili-verification-1keith-walters mike-niosi paul-spoering taras-bolgachenko
Preventing Product Releases into Coastal Waterways and Ship Channels10

OPEX Optimisation for Un-Piggable Vent Line/Low Flow Pipeline Inspection via Self-Propelling Robotic ILI Tool, , , , , , , , , 20

wednesday2-2-unpiggable-pipelinesahmad ahmad-sirwan-b-tuselim aisyah-mastura-bt-suppian denis-gurin hendra-luthfi-b-hassan m-nazmi-b-m-ali-napiah m-nazri-b mikhael-lebedev mohamed-ali-bin-abdullah mohamed-ridzuan-bin-mohamed-abd-salam
192 Final Rule (RIN2) – Essential Elements and Guidelines to Perform a Dent Engineering Critical Assessment, , , 24

wednesday3-1-dents-1david-kemp jing-wang joseph-bratton shanshan-wu
Detaining Dents – Determining Restraint for Dents Measured by ILI Case Study, 22

wednesday3-1-dents-1chris-newton jonathan-hardy
Investigating the Impact of Full-Scale Fatigue Testing and Changes to Formation Strain Predictions on Dent Integrity, , 22

wednesday3-1-dents-1david-slane morry-bankehsaz ryan-sager
Navigating the New §192.712 Regulation on Dents, 16

wednesday3-2-dents-2fernando-curiel rhett-dotson
Full-Scale Fatigue Testing and Assessment of Dents on Brittle Longitudinal Welds – A Detailed Management Approach for a Liquid Pipeline in Chile, , , 18

wednesday3-2-dents-2jamie-martin pedro-guillen ricardo-alarcon roberto-jadue
Controlling ILI Tool Speed with Gas Recompression Delivers Better Data Without Venting or Flaring, 6

wednesday4-1-pigging-operations-1adam-murray branden-allen
Innovative Pipeline Evacuation Technologies for Reducing Methane Releases to the Environment During Pipeline Maintenance and Pigging Operations, , 16

wednesday4-1-pigging-operations-1jeff-witwer mitch-jacobs rita-hansen
Keeping Pigging Safely Grounded as Hydrogen Takes-Off, 16

wednesday4-1-pigging-operations-1mike-kirkwood neil-mcknight
Detection of a Mandrel Pig in a NGL Pipeline Using Active Acoustics, , 12

wednesday4-2-pigging-operations-2david-murray scott-gisler steven-bourgoyne
The Mega Rule Brings Greater Challenges to “Pigging the Unpiggable” that Will Require New Chemical Pigging Technologies, , , 10

wednesday4-2-pigging-operations-2dorian-granizo joseph-conine lr-houchin martin-ridge
Minimizing the Error in Corrosion Growth Rate Estimation from Box-to-Signal Matching, 10

thursday5-1-ili-analysis-1jed-ludlow jonathan-hardy
Lessons Learned from Applying Probability of Exceedance (POE) Analyses, , 14

thursday5-1-ili-analysis-1ben-hanna steven-j-polasik tom-bubenik
Beyond Standard ILI Analysis –Meaningful Interaction to Look Out for Specific Threats, , , 14

thursday5-1-ili-analysis-1dennis-vogel garret-meijer gurwinder-nagra matthew-ma
Avoid becoming a DOT 192 Pipeline Incident – An Analytical Review of the Last Decade of Incidents16

New U.S. Gas-Gathering Pipeline Regulations and ILI: What to Do, and Not Do, to Comply with the Law – an Operator’s Perspective, 16

thursday5-2-integrity-management-2bernardo-cuervo mark-mcqueen
Survey of Impact: RIN-2 Final Rule –Safety of Gas Transmission Pipelines: Repair Criteria, Integrity Management Improvements, Cathodic Protection, Management of Change, and other Related Amendments, , 4

thursday5-2-integrity-management-2chris-bullock lara-gran luke-whitrock
Applying Ultra-High-Resolution MFL to Achieve a Better Integrity Assessment of Pits-in-Pits14

Assessing the Accurate Topography of Complex Channeling Corrosion by Means of Ultrasonic Wall Measurement Tools: A Case Study and Experiences, , , 16

thursday5-3-ili-analyis-2christoph-jager katherine-a-hartl kerstin-munsel m-santiago-urrea
Optimizing Risk Decisions with Imperfect Data10

Estimating Excavation Damage (Outside Force) ‘Hit Rates’ Using Machine Learning Models Trained on In-Line Inspection Data and Geographical Information, , , , 16

thursday5-4-risk-assessmentamine-ait-si-ali james-white jonathan-martin roland-palmer-jones steven-carrell
Gas Transmission Valve Closure and Emergency Response Considerations10

Variability and Mitigative Measures for Estimating Yield Strength in Line Pipe by Instrumented Indentation Testing, , , , , 20

thursday6-1-material-identification-verification-2emily-brady jeffrey-kornuta jon-gibbs nathan-switzner peter-martin peter-veloo
Identifying Irregular and Erroneous Chemical Composition Data from In Situ Nondestructive Testing, , , , , 12

thursday6-1-material-identification-verification-2janille-maragh jeffrey-kornuta joel-anderson jonathan-gibbs peter-martin peter-veloo
Combining Nondestructive Techniques to Obtain Full Vintage Pipeline Asset Fracture Toughness at Both the Seam and Pipe Body, , , , 16

thursday6-1-material-identification-verification-2brendon-willey bryan-feigel intisar-rizwan-i-haque parth-patel simon-bellemare
ILI Validation Case Study: Evaluating the Impact of a Weld Cap on a Vintage ERW Pipeline, 12

thursday6-2-ili-verification-2ian-smith ted-l-anderson
Tool Performance Estimation Considering the Effect of Fixed vs. Variable Slope, , 22

thursday6-2-ili-verification-2alex-fraser jason-skow juan-s-rojas
Tolerance of ILI Validation Inspections, Why Is It Important, and How to Reduce It, , 16

thursday6-2-ili-verification-2daniel-torres spencer-fowler tom-oldfield
A Novel Concept Addressing Material Properties and Loading Conditions with a Dynamic Micro-Magnetic Sensor, , , 12

thursday6-3-ili-applications-1christian-otte dietbert-wortelen sebastian-huehn werner-thale
Knowing the Long Seam: Essential Insights Using UHR MFL Technology, 22

thursday6-3-ili-applications-1miguel-galeana rick-desaulniers
Making Hard Decisions, , , , , 24

thursday6-3-ili-applications-1ann-reo david-futch jason-edwards khanh-tran sean-moran simon-slater
Validating Selective Seam Weld Corrosion Classification Using ILI Technology, , 14

thursday6-4-selective-seam-weld-corrosion-sswc-sponsored-by-ndt-globaldane-burden matthew-romney ron-lundstrom
Development of a Multi-Diameter and Low-Pressure Compatible Tool to Inspect for Selective Seam Weld Corrosion, , , , , 18

thursday6-4-selective-seam-weld-corrosion-sswc-sponsored-by-ndt-globalcolin-bradley john-nonemaker kirk-strachan lance-wethey mustafa-jamaly susanna-kaumeyer
ILI Ultrasonic Shear Wave and Compression Wave Inspections Capabilities for Selective Seam Corrosion, , , 22

thursday6-4-selective-seam-weld-corrosion-sswc-sponsored-by-ndt-globalanna-rodriguez debbie-wong diego-luna rogelio-guajardo
Above & Below: A Holistic Geohazard Monitoring Solution, , , , 30

thursday7-1-security-theftamin-singh andy-young daniel-bahrenburg jason-edwards john-norman
How Should we Respond to Geohazards?, 12

thursday7-1-security-theftalex-mckenzie-johnson rhett-dotson
Management of Geohazard Personnel Safety for Working in Challenging Terrain, , , , 12

thursday7-1-security-theftchad-fournier dave-gauthier emily-ortis evan-shih tim-waggott
Leveraging Engineering Assessments and Engineering Critical Assessments for an Enhanced and Practical Approach to Evaluating Pipeline conditions, 18

thursday7-2-geohazardscassandra-moody parth-iyer
Room Temperature Creep Behavior of Low Frequency ERW Pipe Seams and Implications on Managing Pressure Reversals in Hydrostatic Tests, , , , 14

thursday7-2-geohazardschad-destigter dan-jia dave-warman mike-bongiovi yong-yi-wang
Accounting for Residual Stress in the Predicted Failure Pressure Calculation, 24

thursday7-2-geohazardsmichael-j-rosenfeld scott-fannin
Estimate Pressure at Feature Location in A Complex Pipeline System, 20

thursday7-3-engineering-assessment-1daniel-gutierrez fan-zhang
Effect of Pipe-soil Interaction Parameters on Pipeline Thermal Stress Analysis, , 16

thursday7-3-engineering-assessment-1joseph-bratton kshama-roy suborno-debnath
Know when using MFL for Effective Area is wrong!12

Overcoming Detection and Sizing Challenges for Slanted/Skewed Cracking by Combining Axial and Circumferential Crack Detection In-Line Inspections, , , , 16

thursday7-4-engineering-assessment-2francisco-ibarrola jordi-aymerich katherine-hartl oscar-anguila rogelio-guajardo
Leveraging ILI Crack Profiles, 12

thursday7-4-engineering-assessment-2lyndon-lamborn stephan-tappert
Burst Pressure Prediction for Axial Cracks in Pipelines with Complex Profiles, 14

thursday7-4-engineering-assessment-2ted-anderson thomas-dessein
Phenomenology and Traits of SCC – and the ILI Challenge it Presents18

From One to Many – Composite Repair of SCC, , 16

thursday8-1-crack-assessment-managementcasey-whalen david-b-futch sean-moran
Measuring Toughness with Instrumented Indentation Methods: Fact or Fiction?14

Automated Methods to Estimate Transition Temperature, Upper Shelf Energy, and Uncertainty from Charpy V-Notch Data, , , , , , 18

thursday8-2-stress-corrosion-crackingbrian-patrick joel-anderson lanya-ali michael-rosenfeld nathaniel-switzner peter-martin peter-veloo
CVN or CTOD for Pipeline Fracture Mechanics? An Overview of Advantages and Disadvantages, 12

thursday8-2-stress-corrosion-crackingcolton-sheets jonathan-brewer
A Case Study of Crack Diagnosis in Natural Gas Liquid Pipelines, , 14

thursday8-2-stress-corrosion-crackingandreina-guedez nathan-leslie sayan-pipatpan
Failure Analyses and Consequent Mitigation: Case Studies, 28

thursday8-3-crack-assessment-management-2ming-gao ravi-krishnamurthy
Optimizing a Reassessment Plan with Probabilistic Monte Carlo Analysis: A Summary of Recent Developments to Better Support Operational Decision-Making, , 12

thursday8-3-crack-assessment-management-2michael-turnquist miguel-martinez ted-l-anderson-2
Determining Active vs Passive Internal Corrosion using Data Science, 12

thursday8-3-crack-assessment-management-2megan-scudder yevgeniy-petrov
Integrity Planning Utilizing In-Line Inspection Data, , 18

thursday8-4-crack-assessment-management-3amin-eshraghi brian-dew evelyn-rawlick
Application of Advanced Data Analytics to Improve Metal Loss Tolerance Specifications, , , , , , 20

thursday8-4-crack-assessment-management-3aaron-schartner geoff-hurd keila-caridad melissa-gurney samaneh-sadeghi scott-miller vincent-tse
Tool Tolerances in MFL In-Line Inspection and Why They’re Needed, , 16

thursday8-4-crack-assessment-management-3kenneth-maxfield kenneth-plaizier mark-briell
Proof of Performance: Flow-Loop-Testing Validation of UHR MFL Technology in the POD, POI and Sizing of Pinholes, 14

friday9-1-ili-analysis-3james-lavender rick-desaulniers
Dig Data Warehouse to Enable ILI Continuous Improvement, , 12

friday9-1-ili-analysis-3hong-sang nathan-verity pu-gong
Comparing Laser Scans against In-line Inspections and Quantifying Bias for Assessment Methods, 20

friday9-1-ili-analysis-3andreas-pfanger sayan-pipatpan
Leveraging Multiple ILIs and Technologies to Identify Possible Integrity Threats Under Type A Sleeves, , , 20

friday9-1-ili-analysis-3jason-williams kelsey-hooten matthew-lewis michael-plishka
Use of Mobile Fleet of Leak Detection Devices to Mitigate Risk During Pipeline Repair Program, , 10

friday9-2-ili-verification-3adrian-banica steve-edmondson tim-edward
Composite Repairs Evaluation for Axial and Bending Loads to Simulate Girth Welds Under Risk of a Geohazard Event, 18

friday9-2-ili-verification-3casey-whalen omar-ramirez
New Repair Technology: the Path to Field Deployment12

Know Your Materials! Onsite Non-Destructive Materials Testing for Gas Transmission Pipelines, , , 14

friday10-1-repairaaron-crowder steven-kinikin travers-schwarz trevor-foster
Pipe Grade Classification20

Validating and Quantifying In Situ NDT Uncertainty of Line Pipe Material Properties, , , , 12

friday10-1-repairemily-brady janille-maragh jeffrey-kornuta joel-anderson peter-veloo
Axial Flaw and Crack Detection in Multi-Diameter Low-Pressure Gas Pipelines, , 12

friday10-1-repairjohn-nonemaker lance-wethey peter-clyde
Pathfinder® Foam Caliper Pig Overcomes Severe Pipeline Conditions to Successfully Identify and Locate Geometric Deformations in Gas Pipeline Mainland China, , , 18

friday10-2-material-identification-verification-3david-cockfield peter-ward qingdong-wei zhengxin-wei
Inline-Inspection Crack Diagnostics for Gas Pipelines – A Novel Technology, 10

friday10-2-material-identification-verification-3thomas-hennig willem-vos
Inline Inspection Monitoring and Data Interpretation Using Fiber-Optic Sensing, , , , 10

friday10-2-material-identification-verification-3adnan-chughtai jason-reynaud jerry-worsley josh-may tony-mcmurtrey
EMAT Lessons Learned Using Assessment Findings, , , , 14

friday11-1-ili-applications-2alireza-kohandehghan daniel-bruce kayla-stark-barker matthew-romney ron-lundstrom
Enhancing EMAT Crack Detection Services Using State of the Art Deep Learning, , 9

friday11-1-ili-applications-2neil-pain stephan-eule thomas-beuker