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Cylo Technologies Inc.

Booth number: 915

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31082 Woodland Close
Calgary, AB T3R 1G5
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Contact:Darren Gerling
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Cylo Technologies' advanced spatial data management and analytics capabilities give pipeline operators the ability to harness insights from their data and to act on them in real time. Combining spatial awareness and comprehensive data management enables the quick and accurate identification of interacting threats while also understanding their true environmental context.

Rather than supplanting active GIS systems, Cylo maintains a spatial environment specifically tailored to integrity management while empowering feedback loops to legacy systems (GIS) that enable new processes that are more accurate, intelligent, instrumented, interconnected, and nearly instantaneous. These innovations provide the clarity to make smarter, faster decisions – greatly enhancing risk reduction, productivity and efficiency.

Maintaining and operating a true 3D PODS environment, our mature and expanding CyloPipe system enables innovative capacities in the realm of ILI data management where utilizing a system of record for your entire ILI data repository provides drastic increase in the productivity of your integrity management personnel. Processes such as run matching and growth calculations can be nearly instantaneous, enabling far deeper engineering analysis on pipeline assets.

Drop by the booth and see what real time spatial data can do to enhance integrity and asset management within your organization.

Cylo Technologies Inc. specializes in:

Codes and standards, Geospatial systems and data, GIS, ILI analysis, ILI services, ILI verification, validation, MAOP verification, Mapping, NDE (other than ILI verification), Pipeline profile/mapping, Risk assessment and management