231 PHMSA Updates Related to Data and GIS


PPIM 2023

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Did you know that the NPMS system uses the PODS model? So, if you have ever uploaded your NPMS submittal you have used PODS! PHMSA has been a member of PODS for over a decade now in fact, so the PODS Association works closely to make sure that all data tables and schema are standardized for use by all operators and service companies that support them. The PODS Model is operator designed to comply with regulations, support specific pipeline operations and decrease risk through digital twin/asset knowledge management. Joining PPIM in-person will be Leigha Gooding, PHMSA OPS GIS Manager and Monique Roberts, PODS Executive Director. Leigha manages the NPMS system so we will hear first hand on regulation, data and GIS. This presentation will cover a high-level overview of the NPMS submittal process, the radical increase in segmentation and new attributes that PHMSA is expecting operators to capture as well as some news from the PODS Community and the recent ILI module release on PODS 7.

  • High level overview of NPMS submittal process from PHMSA
    • Importance of errors in annual NPMS submittals and knowing what has changed from the year before
    • NPMS Top 8: How can I improve my company’s NPMS submission?
  • Federal Register Notice for Information Collection Change
    • New attributes that will need to be captured
    • Radical increase in segmentation
  • Managing Inline Inspection (ILI) data has historically been challenging in a PODS implementation and a RDBMS environment.
    • Increased sensitivity of ILI sensors creates much more data that needs to be aligned to the pipeline centerline and pipeline girth welds to perform corrosion growth, anomaly analysis, and other pipeline integrity management operations and procedures.
    • This model is now structured to handle the amount of data that ILI inspections generate for the life of pipe.


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